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Closing/Forwarding Your Mailbox Service

Existing Customers Need To Take Action:


Whether you are moving your mailbox to our downtown* location, opening a mailbox at a different CMRA, or closing your mailbox altogether, the process for updating your address is the same as follows:


Determine the address where you want to have your mail forwarded;


Fill out a paper copy of a Post Office Change of Address form with your new mailing address (forms available at both Eugene Mailbox locations or any post office);


Bring that form to the Post Office on 950 Tyinn St, Eugene OR 97402 no later than June 10th**;


We recommend that you complete a Change of Address with a paper copy and take it directly to the Westside post office. While it is possible to perform a Change of Address on the USPS Website, the Post Office has informed us the program will still reject forms in this case.


If you take no action, your mail will be returned to sender as non-deliverable after June 10th.


*For those transferring to our downtown location, we will need to make a copy of two forms of identification for each adult recipient in order update the '1583'. The USPS recently changed the ID requirements. We will need one Primary ID and one Secondary ID from the list below:


The Primary ID must contain a Photo. It must be clearly current/not expired photo ID. Select one from this list:


Driver License or State ID (Can be US State; US Territory or Tribal Driver License or Non Driver ID Card);

Passport (US passport or passport card; foreign passport);

Uniformed Service ID;

US University/College ID;

Matricula Consular (Mexico) or NEXUS (Canada) ID;

US certificate of citizenship or naturalization;

US permanent resident of other ID card issues by the U.S.C.I.S.

The Secondary ID is for residential address verification. Address must be current and appear on the document. Select one from this list. Note, two IDs are required; if a Driver License is used for the Primary ID, it cannot be used for the Secondary.


Driver License or State ID (Can be US State; US Territory or Tribal Driver License or Non Driver ID Card);

Current Lease, Mortgage, Deed of Trust;

Vehicle Registration;

Voter Registration;

Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy.



We will use the Ids to generate the paperwork (1583 and mailbox service agreement) and assign the mailbox. Also we will transfer your lock on June 1st so your mailbox key will remain the same (if possible, some locks may not be compatible). Once you have your new mailing address, you can follow the instructions above to have your mail forwarded. Any pre-paid mailbox rent will be transferred as well.


If the mailbox is for a business and is registered in Oregon, provide the business name and we will review the egistration online. If it is registered in another state, provide proof of ownership of the business such as a copy of the business registration from the secretary of state's office, or articles of incorporation, etc. Note: mail box addresses are for use as a mailing address only. Although it is a physical street address, it cannot be used as a registered agent address, nor a principal place of business, nor as an internet address such as Googletm place or map location.


**If you are not in Eugene, you can do this at any US Post Office. Explain to the clerk that you need to submit a Change of Address for a CMRA that is Closing.




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